Contactless Ordering System

Contactless Ordering System For Your Restaurant

With our contactless restaurant ordering solution make your dine-in experience safe, easy, and convenient

Contactless Menu
Contactless Menu

Restolabs introduces the Contactless Dining tools to support and empower restaurants in the post-corona future. It's time to go HIGH on tech, and LOW on human contact.

Contactless Ordering
Contactless Ordering

Each table will have a unique barcode that’ll allow kitchen staff to locate and deliver orders seamlessly. Customers will get an Order Ticket Number on their devices that they can use to track the status of their order.

Contactless Payment
Contactless Payment

No more physical credit cards, pens, and paper bills. In-built payment capabilities allow customers to pay the bill securely using their own devices. All receipts will be generated and saved in the app itself.

Why get Contactless Solutions For Your Restaurant

Low-Cost Contactless Dining System
Low Overhead Cost

Dining mechanism that reduces labor cost, increases  table turnover rate and improves margin.

Make Your Customers Feel Happy With Contactless Restaurant Ordering
Happy Customers

Frictionless experience right from the order placed till the checkout will make customers feel safe and happy.

Employess are Safe Due to restaurant contactless ordering
Safe Employees

By eliminating the need to touch high-touch elements like menu cards, credit cards, etc., you reduce the chances of employees getting   infected.

In-Store Promotions
In-Store Promotions

Engage customers through promotional activities by introducing personalised offers at the time ordering. Optionally, they can also access loyalty rewards on their devices to avail additional benefits.

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